Additional Services


We also provide facility of job work dyeing for various types of yarn like : 100 % Cotton, Polyester, blended yarn – P/V., P/C., Poly/Wool.

These yarns are utilized for various end uses viz: 100 % Cotton is utilised for Shirting, Suiting, Automotive Upholstery, Home Furnishing, Terry Towel, Undergarments, Medical requirements, Curtains, Aprons.

Fibre  – is utilised for Automotive yarn, Shirting, Suiting.

Poly / Wool blended yarn is  utilised for Suiting.


COVERED YARNS – The yarns are covered with spandex and lycra and is widely used in socks, narrow tapes, shirting, suiting and denim. We can offer these covered yarns with Polyester as well as Nylon.

CHENILLE YARN – We are manufacturing Chenille yarn from 3 NM to 8 NM using Polyester, Viscose and Cotton yarns which is mainly used in sofa upholstery and shirting industry.